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Putin And Xi Jinping Sign String Of Strategic Agreements

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Xi Jinping concluded a three-day visit to Russia on March 21. He and Russian President Vladimir Putin inked several agreements to deepen strategic cooperation between the two countries. 

Xi said the agreement brings ties into a “new era” of cooperation, while Putin described the talks as “successful and constructive.”

The monumental meeting comes as Moscow’s international isolation deepens due to its continued aggression in Ukraine.

Xi reiterated his call for a diplomatic resolution to the conflict, saying it is guided by the principles of the United Nations and promotes a peaceful settlement. 

“We signed a statement on deepening the strategic partnership and bilateral ties which are entering a new era,” Xi noted.

During the state visit, Xi commented on the “constructive talks” he shared with Putin about the expansion of trade and economic cooperation. 

Additional natural gas deliveries to China were agreed upon, with plans for the countries to enhance transport links by way of building roads and bridges. 

While many have described their partnership as having reached an all-time high, the joint statement released indicated that the partnership was not directed against any other country, nor did it constitute a “military-political alliance”.

This cementing of the alliance has been a bone of contention for NATO and Western powers, but their appeal to China to refrain from providing arms to Russia may have had a positive impact. 

NATO Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, said there is no evidence that China has agreed to provide weapons to Russia. 

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