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Saved Web Pages – Daily Report at 9 p.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Jan 22 2023

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White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Jeff Zients delivers remarks during a press briefing at the… 7h

The Biden administration is stuck in a standoff with Germany over… 8h

Despite German efforts to pressure the U.S. into providing Abrams tanks to Ukraine, the Pentagon’s top… 8h

БЕРЛИН, 22 января. /ТАСС/. Решение Германии пока не передавать Киеву немецкие боевые танки Leopard вызвало… 8h 9h

Almost a year on, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has lost little of its shock value. Last weekend, a targeted… 10h

KYIV—Ukraine is braced for a major new offensive that could begin within weeks. One of President Zelensky’s… 10h

Continue reading the main storyCredit…Illustration by Rebecca Chew/The New York Times; photographs… 10h

Nous étions en pilotage automatique depuis trop longtemps, mais à force de mettre la poussière sous… 11h

A la veille du Conseil des ministres franco-allemand qui se tiendra ce dimanche à l’Élysée, le président… 11h

Chancellor Olaf Scholz visits Paris on Sunday to celebrate 60 years of postwar Franco-German cooperation,… 12h

PARIS (AP) — France and Germany are seeking to overcome differences laid bare by Russia’s war in Ukraine… 12h

Imagine everything you aspire to buy was suddenly available at 30% off. You could have an epic shopping… 12h

Top government officials from Germany and France are meeting in Paris to pay tribute to the historic… 12h

The personal relationship between both men has been less than warm since Scholz assumed office… 12h

PhotosMapsA Life-Shattering Strike in DniproSchool During WartimeContinue reading the main storyA post-Nazi… 13h

Members of the military walk on a tank, as Germany delivers its first Leopard tanks to Slovakia as part… 13h

By Trudy Rubin Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023 | 2 a.m. To understand why Russia’s war on Ukraine remains the… 14h

As Ukraine urges its allies to resolve a standoff over supplies of badly needed battle tanks, Foreign… 14h

The war in Ukraine is becoming an invaluable innovation lab for battlefield tactics and Western weapons…. 14h

Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron France and Germany are seeking to overcome differences… 14h

A group of activists in Serbia have filed criminal complaints against the Russian paramilitary organisation… 16h

Chancellor Olaf Scholz visits Paris on Sunday to celebrate 60 years of postwar Franco-German cooperation,… 16h

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