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Analysis: Soccer Rife With Toxic Masculinity Despite Being Such an Effeminate Sport

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Trigger Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of cyberbullying and online harassment that some may find disturbing. It also includes several references to soccer, a fundamentally evil and anti-American enterprise. Please proceed with caution. 

Taylor Lorenz and other journalist influencers often complain about the challenges of “being a woman online,” but they have never had to endure the trauma of being a soccer skeptic during the World Cup.

I am an innocent victim of cyberbullying and harassment. I was targeted for the “crime” of refusing to celebrate soccer, a tedious sport that incentivizes faking, flopping, and fraud.

Soccer fans, as it turns out, are even more deranged than the snowflake libs who typically clog the Washington Free Beacon‘s inbox with heinous filth. Who would have thought that a sport so boring and effeminate was teeming with such anger and toxic masculinity?

Below are a few of the many hateful messages I have received in the past two weeks.

Sam writes:

Really? That’s what you got to say about the biggest event on the planet? You are a moron. How they let you in the building is incomprehensible. You must have nobody in your life.

Mark writes:

Not sure why you need to denigrate soccer. Perhaps it is because you are not athletic. And please don’t say soccer is boring if you watch baseball. Soccer players can’t play while chewing tobacco and scratching themselves. Perhaps you are jealous.

Jeff writes:

Hey Doucheface,

Straight up, you’re a giant fucking chode. Go eat a bag of dicks assclown. Absolute joke of a reporter go find a real job.

Kevin writes:

Footie players have six packs and bulging calf muscles. What do you have? A brain full of shit!

Owen writes:

You suck, retard. Were you molested or something? Number one sport in the world. Maybe this is why you have no friends. Fucking loser.

Steven writes:

You are truly a shallow, moronic, horse’s ass. Did writing that story make you feel like a big man? I have had the pleasure of firing people like you, who don’t have a clue and refused to learn how to treat others.

I’ll bet you grew up without a Father.

Rick writes:

Hey, dickwad! Your wife is begging me to come over. LOL.

Editor’s note: If you or someone you know is experiencing online harassment, remember that you are not powerless. Please contact Free Beacon ombudsman Biff Diddle at

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