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A woman was arrested for assault after coughing in a Hooters owner’s face and jumping on bar stool, report says

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Outside of a Hooters restaurant.There are just two Hooters locations in the UK.

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  • A Hooters owner says a woman verbally abused staff at the restaurant, the Liverpool Echo reported.
  • The owner said the woman coughed in her face and jumped on a bar stool before being arrested.
  • The Liverpool site opened two months ago and claims to be the world’s biggest Hooters.

The owner of a Hooters in England said a woman who came into the outlet verbally abused staff, and coughed in her face, before she was arrested by police, the Liverpool Echo reported.

A woman came into the Liverpool restaurant, which claims to be the world’s biggest Hooters, and acted aggressively towards workers on Thursday, according to the report. The 39-year-old was asked to leave, but jumped on a bar stool instead.

Rachel Moss, who is also managing director of the Hooters in Liverpool, called local police who arrested the woman for assault and public disorder. She was later released on bail.

The woman, who was not a customer, was also “aggressive” towards police and “verbally abusive” to her workers, Moss told the Echo.

“The woman burst in and was being abusive towards the staff. We won’t tolerate that kind of behavior,” she told the newspaper. “She coughed in my face and claimed she was full of infection. We’ve got it all on CCTV and will be sending it to the police.”

The Hooters restaurant became only the second in the UK after opening late last year. Before it opened, 1,600 women applied to work there, the Echo reported.

Liverpool city council has asked the restaurant to remove two neon orange signs outside the restaurant that did not have planning permission, according to the outlet.

Last month Hooters rejected rumors that it was shutting its outlets and revamping them after a viral tweet said a study found millennials “aren’t that into boobs.” The company told Insider there was “no validity” to the claims. 

Hooters Liverpool did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider. 

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